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Enlist a mediator

Find assistance with resolving your disputes

Trust a neutral third party

Turn to a knowledgeable team of attorneys for confidential and cost-effective dispute resolution in a neutral environment. Both James and Anne Fleming have completed the requisite 40 hours of mediation training, and are qualified to mediate any legal dispute.


When you enlist mediation, your counsel will facilitate the discussion of terms, maintain ground rules, and offer legal information. You can feel confident that your counsel will help both parties reach a resolution each is comfortable with.

Save on your divorce litigation

Less costly than traditional divorce litigation, mediation offers a cost-effective and less time consuming method of navigating a divorce while preserving a working relationship with your spouse.


Mediation is fully confidential and ensures that your children will avoid the impact of a messy divorce.


Mediation spans:

  • Family law

  • Adoption

  • Estate planning

  • Personal injury

  • Real estate

  • Business and corporate law


Begin the mediation process today

Contact Fleming & Fleming P.C. for mediation assistance with your family law, estate planning, or divorce dispute. Consultations can be scheduled at your convenience; give us a call to schedule a confidential meeting today. Our attorneys look forward to working with you.

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